Šibenski Revicon provides clients with a wide range of audit services aimed at expressing an independent opinion on the statements in the financial statements, respectively whether these statements are true and whether they have been prepared in accordance with financial reporting standards. Independent external audit significantly increases the confidence of investors, banks, business partners, employees and other stakeholders of the quality of financial statements. In order for external users to be able to rely on the financial statements in decision-making, they need to have confidence in auditor’s independence, professionalism, competence and integrity. When carrying out the audit, the auditor follows precisely defined rules and international and national standards of the profession.

Statutory audit

  • Large enterprises,
  • Medium-sized entreprises,
  • Entities of public interest,,
  • Parent companies of large and medium groups,
  • Entrepreneurs who have applied for the listing of their securities on a regulated market,
  • Limited liability companies, joint stock companies and limited partnerships that meet 2 of 3 criteria: assets over HRK 15 million, revenues over HRK 30 million and an average of at least 25 employees, and
  • Entrepreneurs who participated in business mergers, acquisitions or divisions as acquirers or newly established companies

are obliged to audit individual (separate) and consolidated financial statements.

Voluntary audit

Many subsidiaries that form part of a group do not have a statutory audit obligation but due to group reporting rules they have to audit their financial statements. Often the owners of the company, for the purpose of greater control of the business, contract a voluntary audit, although the company is not subject to this obligation by law. Voluntary audit can also be carried out for some other reason, for example, when banks condition obtaining a loan or due to the sale or purchase of a company.

Audit of status changes

Companies or entrepreneurs related to status changes (divisions, mergers, transformations, acquisitions or capital increases) are audited entities.

Audit of EU funded projects

Auditing the EU funded projects verifies the intended use of funds and the regularity of expenditures reported to the competent authority.

The complexity and value of the project and the operational program from which the project is financed are the elements taken into consideration when determining whether there is an obligation to carry out an audit.

During the audit, the audit evidence, demonstrating that the expenditures stated in the project have actually been incurred, is gathered. EU taxpayers’ assets must be spent properly, ethically, economically, efficiently and effectively.

Audit insight into the financial statements of non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations that generated revenues of 3 to 10 million HRK in the previous year are obliged to provide an insight into the financial statements. An insight into the financial statements is a simpler procedure than an audit of the financial statements and it results in the auditor’s conclusion stating whether the auditor has identified something that causes the financial statements not to be prepared in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. Non-profit organizations that generated revenues of more than HRK 10 million in the previous year are subject to audit of financial statements.

Forensic audit

The fundamental goal of forensic audit is to facilitate the adoption of fraud prevention strategies, their accurate and timely detection and, if possible, the successful investigation of significant fraud cases such as misuse of organizational assets and fraudulent financial reporting involving intentional misrepresentation in order to mislead users.

Our mission is to help clients reinforce fraud prevention, detection and investigation.

Other examinations and agreed procedures

Given the different needs of our clients, we can arrange special reports in which we adjust the scope, depth and specifics to pay attention to, and accordingly we draw statements.

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