Tax consulting

Given the susceptibility of tax legislation to constant changes, the help of a competent and professional partner, who will be able to harmonize and optimize operations in accordance with tax regulationsis, is often need. By continuously monitoring changes in regulations that our authorized tax advisor deals with, we can provide timely and reliable information on the application of all tax regulations.

Accounting consulting

Due to the complexity of financial reporting and frequent changes, many companies face the challenges of timely, correct and effective reporting. In order to successfully respond to the above requests, we provide the following services:

  • consulting and practical assistance in preparing separate and consolidated financial statements,
  • consulting on tax and accounting aspects of business combinations (mergers and divisions of    companies) and
  • analysis of financial statements for decision-making purposes

Business consulting

Business consulting services relate to the preparation and drafting of professional studies and analysis of current and future business in order to successfully implement a business venture, ensure its sustainability and avoid negative consequences on the way from idea to successful business.

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